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Weird epiphanies...

On a glut of H50 fanfic, I came to a realization.... There are not many military people in fandom. Either that, or they're hiding it better than I assume. (I read fanfic on my lunch break and write it at my desk in my office on base. I am not active duty, but I am both a civilian employee and a military spouse and it lends a perspective.)

Why am I coming to this possibly erroneous conclusion?

Steve never has to deal with the daily BS of military life. He never has to get his CAC replaced (dude, salt water will rust the unholy shit out of that microchip), he never gets his beer at the Class 6, he never swings into the commissary or the BX/PX/NEX (never been to any of the bases on Oahu, but I hear the NEX is a giant mall), hell, he never has to deal with Tricare and having seen the show... he definitely should be.

He essentially is completely devoid of the military lifestyle things that "we" go through... despite being military. And if you think becoming a reservist changes that, then clearly you've never actually talked to a real live SEAL. (Dear lord, the employee down the hall never shut up when H50 first came back out... Do not get a retired SEAL talking about a fictional SEAL!)

So, yeah, if anyone can point to fic where Steve actually interacts with his 'military life' in a way other than glorified and fictionalized combat, awesome, thank you.



Yes, deep and abiding love... Love it for the ease of reading. Love it for the ease of taking my reading with me offline. (Otherwise known as load up a bunch of screens, close the laptop, and then carry it somewhere with no internet.)

But I really, REALLY, love it for posting. It makes it nice and easy to post new fic... Thus removing the 'oh god, now tags and warnings and all that annoying stuff' when what I really want is to wallow in 'ooooh, oooh, look!!!' like a kid with a finger-painting running up to their parents.

Yes, random post, but damn do I LOVE Ao3.


Twenty years ago, I read The Final Problem for the first time.... Today I am standing at Reichenbach Falls.

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Observation on Sherlock

Mark Gatiss has turned Mycroft Holmes into the modern Mr Darcy...

Posh, wealthy, powerful, protective of his younger sibling (for good reason), derisive of love and romance, buttoned up and all the sexier for it...

And you just know that when he falls? Oh he's going to muck it up and it's going to be spectacular...

I truly blame Pride and Prejudice for my addiction to Mycroft shipper fic

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Drabble - Merlin/methos verse

The village was burning... He hadn't spoken their language, hadn't understood their attempts to communicate, but the part of him that would have cared was dead.

Dead like Arthur - growing cold in a distant land.

Merlin didn't know what had happened. He remembered seeing Arthur fall. He remembered screaming. And then he had awoken with the taste of sand in his mouth and the burning heat of the sun on his face.

Unwilling to lay down and die until he had slain every last person responsible for the death of his King, he got up and walked. The land was unlike any he'd seen... Scraggly and vacant, compared to the lush forests of Camelot.

He had come across an oasis and stopped to drink. The strange tree cast no shade, the bushes bearing no berries. There was a noise behind him and before thought had surfaced, he'd turned and the man who also sought the oasis was dropping dead. Merlin had simply taken his pack and strange beast and continued on.

And now the village was burning.

There were none left alive to scream. It was the first inhabited space he'd approached. A woman had offered him water. He had looked up to accept and the slope of her face had reminded him of Morgana.

She had been the first to die.

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Drabble - Merlin as Methos verse

There were few witnesses surviving to tell the tale of the fall of King Arthur. Those that walked off the battlefield, the knights that bore their fallen king to his bier, were white-faced and solemn.

But the whispers...

The air split with a howl, they said. A primitive denial filled with anguish. And just as rapidly, the clear sky boiled with violently charcoal clouds. In echo of the rolling cry, lightening struck the field of battle.

Arthur had fallen, but no enemy combatant walked from the field that day. The husks of what had once been warriors of might and magic were quickly and solemnly buried or burned. What little remained of them, that is.

Merlin was never seen again within the Kingdom after that day, but the whispers never ceased.

How the glow of his eyes was not gold, but red after Arthur fell. How the lightening sparked from him to the clouds before striking once more to the earth below. That even after he vanished, the ground rolled in protest as splits appeared in the earth and men fought the shaking to keep to their feet.

How his bellow of rage echoed in the valley even after he was gone.

Arthur was laid to rest in a vessel, floated towards the Isle of the Blessed with all due pomp. But before the flames could embrace his corpse, even he had vanished.

Taken, they said, to Avalon.

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Omg, exhausting!

Although I constantly give myself crap for not writing much _lately_, I should definitely lighten up. I've spent the last eight hours moving all my fandom related work to a single location and starting the very slow process of uploading it all on Ao3...


I had no clue I've written this much in my time in fandom. Now, admittedly, some of this stuff is really old... Like nearly ten years old. And some of it I didn't even *remember* having written. I've had to re-read so many old stories just to have any clue how to classify them for tags...

It's a really very interesting forced retrospective on my own work. And, wow, some of that early stuff was crap... But, since we are all our own worst critics, I'm putting it all up. Probably going to take eight more hours, but it'll get there.

I thought at first this would be a quick little haha ficlet. Nope, it's festering like Bloodlines did. Like that little Merlin AU, this seems to be growing so there will probably be at least one follow-up ficlet.


Title: Marked
Author: Lakhesis
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: None
Summary: The legends of Asgard have been obscured by the mythology of Midgard, but some truths were hidden even from the Aesir.
Word Count (approx.): 1800
Warnings: Profanity, Parental issues
Spoilers: Marvel Avengers movie-verse, including but not limited to Iron Man, Iron Man 2, Thor, Captain America, and The Avengers.
Disclaimer: Title 17 of the US Code, § 107, aka the Fair Use Doctrine

MarkedCollapse )
I was explaining to a new friend how the Bond series of films makes a lot more sense if you think of "James Bond" as less of a name and more of a title... Rather like the Dread Pirate Roberts. And, then, while watching Goldeneye (a movie responsible for my first speeding ticket), Judi Densch's M makes a comment about how if she wants sarcasm, she'll talk to her children.


Title: M is for Mummy
Author: Lakhesis
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Mild threats of violence, Reference to medical procedure
Pairing: None
Summary: John has been kidnapped for interrogations, threats to his life, but never for his medical skills.
Spoilers: Sherlock BBC series one, movie appearances with Judi Densch as M
Disclaimer: Title 17 of the US Code, § 107, aka the Fair Use Doctrine

M is for MummyCollapse )

Ficlet - Too Late, Star Trek (AOS), gen

So I have been indulging my muses by exploring every passing thought that hits my head... And one of them was a comparison of Starfleet to the current military and how maybe a baby born under those conditions had a lot of issues (allergies as a start?) and how maybe a Mom didn't choose to stay active duty for no freaking reason... (After all, we have psych evals even now...) But since I didn't want to write a freaking epic about Winona Kirk, I wrote this depressing little bit.


Title: Too Late
Author: Lakhesis
Rating: PG
Summary: Apologies come too late, as James T. Kirk attends a funeral the afternoon he became a Captain.
Spoilers: Star Trek XI, mentions of the Tarsus colony.
Disclaimer: Title 17 of the US Code, § 107, aka the Fair Use Doctrine

Too LateCollapse )