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SG-1 drabbles - The Charlie Chronicles

I really need to work on not being such a slacker about these. On the other hand, I finally found a picture of RDA that was young enough (almost) to suit these drabbles.


“Charles Tyler O’Neill.”

Daniel was amazed at the instant transformation on the young man’s face from perfectly blank to relieved. He had hardly lifted his eyes before he began to speak.

“Mwt,” the first word had barely left his mouth before he stopped just as abruptly.

Then, eyes narrowing, his expression caused Daniel to flash back to something he had never wanted to see again. The resolve Jack had demonstrated on that very first mission to Abydos. The blank determination to destroy his enemy without concern for his own safety.

“Anubis,” Charlie hissed, just before launching himself across the room.


On the very first trip to Abydos, Daniel Jackson was completely unprepared for the irritated and frustrated reactions of the military men he accompanied.

But that was a very long time ago and he was no longer a defenseless geek.

Dodging the first attack by a hair’s breadth, Daniel quickly revised his confidence. In seconds with his face pressed against the wall, he found himself pinned. Unable to do more than fidget uselessly, Daniel flinched at the sensation of pressure at the base of his skull. He knew better than to have something as simple as a pen on him.


“I am not infected with a Goa’uld.”

Charlie ignored the clearly false words. Any lies spoken in that voice were painful. At any moment his advantage would be lost. The parasite was new to this body - weak. The failure of his guards wouldn’t last.

But could he kill this man who had practically raised him, even possessed by Anubis?

“Mwt,” he whispered, voice choking on the very words. “If you can hear me… I’m sorry.”

Drawing his arm back, Charlie prepared to strike. The parasite had made a mistake, finally. It would be the last thing it ever did.


Jul. 4th, 2007 08:22 pm (UTC)
When I finally broke down and went for a Paid account, I remodeled my LJ. Not to mention, I really like the extra user pics. It's actually kind of funny to realize which people I've already friended without really knowing "who" they are...



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