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Drabblet - Criminal Minds/Dresden TV-verse

I am getting this out of my head in the hopes that the plot bunny will leave me alone. Honestly, I cannot even entertain the idea of writing this story until I make some serious progress on my to do list.

***Criminal Minds/Dresden TV-verse***

Reid's hands were in his pockets as he walked next to Derek Morgan. Together, they followed Hotchner towards the crime scene. It was night, the lights of the city reflecting off the buildings as their stroll illuminated the lack of parking common to the major metropolis.

"I love Chicago," Spencer mused idly.

"You love my mom's cooking," Derek observed back with a wry smile. His ever present sunglasses were hanging from between the top two buttons of his henley top. "As your sweater would attest."

Spencer barely glanced down before muttering to himself as he unbuttoned and removed the drab brown sweater vest. Derek's chuckle caught Prentiss' attention. She hung back, catching the dark-skinned man's attention as Reid stopped to stuff the offending clothing in his messenger bag.

"What's wrong?"

"Nothing at all," Derek replied smoothly. His glance flicked back, smirk creeping in place. Some days, it was all too easy to rid their boy genius of his armor.


Aaron Hotchner's sharp tone brought the three of them to business-like attention. He was standing beside a cop, likely the lead detective on this case, and a scruffy unidentified male, witness probably. They lined up like good little soldiers to be introduced.

"Detective Murphy, these are Agent Prentiss, Dr. Reid, and Agent Morgan."

The man's eyes narrowed at Derek's introduction. It was enough to catch the profiler's attention. As Murphy shook hands with the others, Derek focused on him. There was something... off... about him.

Something familiar.

He tuned back in as the detective provided the missing link.

"Dresden here is my usual consultant on occult cases."

Reid was looking away, eyes focused up on the building. He'd seen something already. Derek stepped forward, physically imposing on the man's space as the suspicion spread.

"Harry Dresden?" he asked, clarifying the feeling of the man in his head. Now it made sense.

Dresden's face twisted in resignation. "Have a lot of family in law enforcement, Agent Morgan?"

"Just one," Derek sniped.


Apr. 22nd, 2007 02:18 am (UTC)
I adore that icon... Such pretty scenery...

Thank you. It's been teasing at me for days. I may have to write it, eventually.



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