Moirai Thanatoio

Lakhesis Risen

12 April 1979
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I am a fanfiction author. I write Slash fiction. If you don't like that, then you have no business near this LJ.

If you're still here, then you will quickly notice that for every fandom I enjoy I manage to find a 'little black dress' character. Most of them have a OTP, but I'll pretty much read anything with that character in it and will likely experiment with several pairings before settling down.

In general, I don't like archives. I'm not very fond of arbitrary rules or inclusion based on quality. One man's trash could be another's treasure and far too many people think of slash in general in the way slash writers think of each others work. The only place (outside of Fest submissions) that I am archiving my work is now on AO3, the lovely Archive of Our Own as MoiraiThanatoio. If found elsewhere (and it's not a Fest site), it's because those archives have not removed my work despite my requests.